Thursday, December 03, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery

I enjoy all of the celebrations of December:  Eggnog.  Mistletoe.  The annual Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.

As soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are put away, I look for Bonnie's first clue.  My husband knows this.  My children know this.  My mother-in-law knows this too and asks,  "Are you going to do that thing where you cut fabric into a lot of little pieces again this year?"  Why, yes I am!

This week's hint was to make gray and white half-square triangles.  Lots and lots of them.  Like 294 or something.  I have 90 done:

Must.  Sew.  Faster.

While I am thinking about my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, I am remembering last year's mystery, Grand Illusion.  What I'm remembering is that I never finished it:

I found these pieces in a basket, but I don't have the pattern.  Thankfully, Bonnie sells the digital download on her website.  Even more fortunately, it is on sale until December 4.

Must.  Buy.  Now.

So not only am I starting this year's mystery, I'm now re-starting last year's mystery.  By January 1, I will have sewn my fingers to the bone!


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Hooray! Soooo glad to see you are playing along on your precious time off!!

Kathy said...

Haha! I'm in the same boat... trying to finish last year's too. A great start. Just keep on sewing, keep on sewing!

Heather Pregger said...

Bonnie Hunter Mysteries are always worth the effort. Have fun!

Vireya said...

Have fun "cutting all that fabric into little pieces"!

Andee said...

Will be gorgeous!

Peggy_K said...

Yes Debby let's work on last year's sometime this month.

Peggy_K said...

Yes Debby let's work on last year's sometime this month.

Frances Meredith said...

Wow, keep sewing!