Monday, December 14, 2015

Saving is for the Dogs!

I am a frugal quilter.  That means I never throw anything away.  I don't throw away small fabric trimmings:

I don't throw away batting scraps, either:

I take my fabric scraps and fill a small muslin pillow (approx. 18"x20") until it is stuffed firm.  I put this small pillow inside of a leftover pillowcase and surround it with batting scraps.  Then I sew the pillow closed.  This makes a great cushion for the dogs at the shelter:

It is stuffed full.  It is fluffy all around with a firm center so that the dog doesn't end up sitting in a flat spot.

I have a collection of pillowcases left from old twin bed sets when my children lived at home.  I'm making good use of my leftover quilting bits and my leftover pillowcases from my linen closet. And a dog just got a comfy bed.  

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Christine said...

My guild does this for cats at the shelter. I always have tons of batting scraps.