Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery part 4

Continuing to state the obvious, I am behind on Bonnie Hunter's Allietare mystery quilt.  My progress so far...

Step one:  complete!
Step two:  complete!
Step three: complete!
Step four:

I need to make 29 more sets of these.

Others have made much more progress than I have and you can look at all the lovely pieces HERE.

I have made no progress on:
Grand Illusion
Roll, Roll Cotton Boll
Tobacco Road

I'm mostly over being sick but decided to spend any energy I found this week on being festive instead of quilting, but I did find another incomplete Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt -- Lazy Sunday:

I am home for 8 more days before my 2016 travel season begins.  There is next to no chance that I will finish any of these before I leave, but at least I know waht I will need to work on when I'm home for a few minutes between trips next year!

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