Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lovies from Friends

I have some amazing friends: friends from real life, friends from the internet, and students that have become friends.  Often, these friends surprise me with lovies in the mail.  As the "Debby is cleaning her office in December" event continues, I'm finding more treasures that I never showed you.

The Hello Kitty hook is holding my current Potato Chip Bag next to my desk so that my lip gloss is always at hand.  Yes, I'm a lip gloss addict.  Don't judge me.  I'm also a Potato Chip bag addict because I couldn't make just one:

The ribbon will be used to wrap some quilts in love.  I love to tie my quilts in ribbon before I give them away.  See?:

The Steeler pincushion will be used as a voodoo doll when my team is losing.  It is empty of pins now since they won last weekend!

The post it notes will only come in handy if I become forgetful.  Oh wait, I'm ALREADY forgetful!  And the note that came with those notes was HILARIOUS!  "I know you love dark chocolate so I ate the chocolate and sent you the paper!"  Thanks, Susan!

The candy will be savored for days when I really need a boost.  Days like yesterday when this happened:

Good-bye Kitty!

I don't know what I did to deserve such great friends, but my (broken) Hello Kitty cup overflows!

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Marylh said...

Debbie only recently found your blog and website what fun !! I am so enjoying your cleaning out of your sewing room. I have that task ahead of me in the near future as I downsize from one house to another- new house of course having a smaller sewing space . It's like an archaeological dig iisn't it😃😃 I fully expect to find unfinished projects that go back to the 90s - ha ha! Love your sharing - have a wonderful holiday.