Monday, January 13, 2020

Dottie -- an ongoing project

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh when the steel mills (pronounced "stihl mills" locally) closed and the city suffered 70% unemployment.  My family was hit by the economic downturn and I grew up knowing the value of a dollar.  That is probably why I can't throw any fabric scraps away.

Every time I make a Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt, and that happens more frequently than you might imagine, I end up with leftover scraps from the strip piecing.  I have bags and Bags and BAGS of these 1 1/2" square pairs.  I'm sewing them together alternately with a 1" pink circle hand appliqued on a 2 1/2" square of scrappy white fabric and this is happening:

I can not commit to finishing this quilt in 2020, but I do commit to hand-appliqueing the circles in the evening in between my Bloom blocks.

Leave a comment telling me I'm insane to attempt to make a 60"x72" quilt out of leftover 1" squares.  It will serve to confirm my suspicions.


Joanne in Massachusetts said...

You may be dotty for planning such a large Dottie but it is a lovely pattern.

Unknown said...

That is lovely. I might try one of those and embroider the squares. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pamela Arbour said...

It looks fabulous. How can you do such neat hand applique when you're hands hurt. You do such beautiful work and I know you have limitations.

Deb Mac said...

I'm primarily a cross stitcher so it makes no less sense than making thousands and thousands of little x's. Go for it.