Friday, January 31, 2020

Stepping Stones Cutie Quilt

I just finished this Stepping Stones Cutie Quilt:

This quilt started out as a pile of scraps from my self-replenishing 2 1/2" scrap bin:

It was a group effort.  I asked for help choosing the background:

I received nearly 100 responses and every single one voted for the gold fabric on the right.  Sorry, brown!

I pieced the top together and had a fun plan in mind for the machine quilting:

I loaded the quilt on my Handi Quilter Forte (named Jason Momoa) and started stitching ribbon candy in the border, as one does.  Then I noticed a problem that made me change my entire quilting plan.  One of the blocks was mis-pieced:

There are four gold vertical strips in each block.  The middle two are wider than the outer two.  It's hardly noticeable (which explains why I didn't notice it) but if I quilted the way I wanted to, it would be VERY noticeable.  

I make quilts because I enjoy making quilts.  This quilt has no home and will be gifted to someone or given to a charity at some point.  Since the recipient will likely not measure each individual piece, I decided not to unquilt the border, unpiece the quilt, repiece the quilt, and start again.

Instead, I left the ribbon candy border and stitched my favorite edge-to-edge design over the blocks.

I pulled out my pile of green fabric scraps and cut a scrappy binding:

I love the way this scrappy, plan-B quilt turned out!

No one (except any of the hundreds of people who see this post) will ever know the difference!


QuiltGram said...

That old saying, “The quilting makes the quilt” sure comes to mind here. What a transformation. And is this an 80-20 batting? I

Frog Quilter said...

Love it just the way it is. The gold is perfect to show case the greens.

Pamela Arbour said...

I am pretty sure that if you turned that around two or three times that you wouldn't be able to find the mistake! Love the gold!

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