Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Tree Versus House -- Four Months Later

Some of you may not know that my house was crushed by a tree in mid-September. 

Guest room (second floor):

Kitchen ceiling (first floor):

Crack across entire house (second floor):

One tree did all of this damage.  Giant beech:

The trunk would have cleaved the house in two:

The good news:

1.  We were not home when this happened.
2.  Our children are grown and live on their own.
3.  We have no pets.
4.  My sewing room wasn't damaged at all.  PHEW!

While I was teaching in Houston in late October/early November, we finally had the roof (joists, beams, etc.) replaced:

I was sorry/not sorry to have been out of town while this noisy work was taking place.

Once I returned home, though, I got to babysit the tree guys for a few days as they removed the offending tree and several of its friends:

Watching professional tree guys work is a lesson in physics.  I have tons of videos and photos because I have grandsons who love trucks and machines.

This week marks four months since the tree damaged our home.  And we finally have insulation:

I can only show you views of the ladders because:

1.  I don't climb ladders
2.  The last time I went into the attic I breathed something awful and ended up with vicious particulate pneumonia.  So I will only see my new insulation if someone else goes up there and takes photos. 
3.  Yes, it's warmer already.


Maybe we can work on a chimney, ceilings, walls, floors, siding, a deck, and other minor things soon.*

We expected this to take about a year to repair.  We're right on schedule.
*soon = maybe later or maybe later than later. 


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Wow how awful. I am glad that the repairs are well underway and hope the rest of the cleanup / repair is smooth and painless and leaves your house looking better than ever.

Lois Anne Proctor said...

You might need more fabric to help you deal with the extended stress. Bright colors - wacky prints. Cures everything from a broken toe to a headache.

Kerry said...

Oh my gosh! Yes, agree, tree fellers/fellows are cool to watch! I miss my tree climbing days - oh if only we could turn the clock back! Super that it's all done and you can get on with life again in comfort!

llswink said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad to see that you are done with the waiting to be done mess. We see this all the time here in our neck of the woods... ergo - we are taking a preemptive measure on the ancient oak that actually is right over my studio!!! It has a really bad case of root rot/fungus.