Friday, February 21, 2020


Did you know that sometimes I make quilts that have nothing to do with work?  That sometimes I buy a quilt kit just because I like it?

Several years ago, I bought this Ollie Cutie Quilt Kit from the Quilt Basket because I needed this quilt in my life.  I pieced it last year and recently I finished quilting it:

Please remember that dreary winter months in New York make for awful photographs.  This quilt is richer in normal daylight.  Spring, please come soon!

I had so much fun quilting this quilt!!!  I used several Full Line Stencils to help mark the blocks.  I posted not one but two tutorials about how I quilted the borders. I didn't film a tutorial of the block quilting, but I made this fun little boomerang for you:

Every time I glimpse this quilt, I fall a little more in love with it. 

I'm keeping this quilt.  The only person who will get this quilt from my hands is a grandchild.  Until then... I get to look at this quilt as often as I want!

Isn't it amazing how simple quilting with only one thread color can make a quilt sing???  The wool batting doesn't hurt, either.


Brenda said...

Love Ollie! It does like a fun quilt to make! 😍

Eileen said...

Adorable! Enjoy cuddling in it.

Unknown said...

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