Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday in Moscow

I met a new friend this morning -- Jerry.

He wanted to learn how to quilt, too!

I met Alexander the Great.... Quilter:

After work I stopped back at my hotel room and took some daylight photos for you:

Nice, huh?

If you want to see nice, go to ГУМ (pronounced: goom).  It is a super-luxurious shopping mall on the eastern side of Red Square.  Crazy!  But definitely worth seeing.  My co-worker wanted to buy a gift for his wife.  He saw a purse.  I kept saying "You can't afford it."  He didn't believe me.  $1500 US.  "But it's just a fabric bag!" he said.  Yep, it is.  It was that sort of mall.

Next we found out how to empty Red Square really really fast -- Send a sudden downpour:

Now you understand the rain spots in this photo of Red Square from the bridge over the Moscow River:

After we got thoroughly soaked, we headed back to the hotel for a ragout.  Fan-tas-tic!

Time for bed.  Спокойной ночи!

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Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Your hotel room looks really elegant Debby! The Goom has been there forever, I remember learning about it in high school in russian class... The Red Square is still gorgeous, rain or no rain. I'm a little jealous! :)