Monday, July 30, 2012

I've been blogged...

By a Russian Blogger!

Be prepared to hit the "translate" button.

Click here.

I met Elena when I was in Moscow and she blogged about the day we spent together.

I want to go back to Russia!!!!!


Olga said...

Уважаемая Дебби! Когда будете в следующий раз в России, заедьте еще и в Украину, так как у нас нет ни одной лонг-арм-машины, а стежка на ней так красива! :-)))
Спасибо о теплых отзывах о наших соседях и о Лене! Всего Вам доброго!

debby said...

Olga, your designs look lovely! I would love to come and visit the quilters in the Ukraine! I will keep checking my calendar to see when I can make this happen.

Bethany LeCain said...

Thanks to that really cool translate button I am going to follow Elena's blog.

MollyMJ said...

I am glad you had a nice trip to Moscow ans St.Petersburg :)
Pity I missed your master-classes (I live in Moscow)