Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Russian update

I am in love with Russia. 

The food:

Two pies for lunch -- meat and black berry.

The people:

A translator and new friend Barbara (sounds like Vavara).  She likes pie too!

And I have discovered that the international language is not English; it is quilting:

Happy, happy students.  

I am heading out to teach day 3 in St. Petersburg.  Tonight I will catch a train to Moscow and teach there tomorrow.   Such adventures!

До свидания!


Leeanne said...

I love that.....the international Language is quilting!!

QuilterMary said...

Any chance at all you can spare me 15 minutes during Quilt Odyssey? I really need to hear just a teeny bit of this adventure!!

Susan Jungerheld said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures! they are lucky to have you there to teach.

Kim said...

Oh Wow! Will she go with you to Moscow?
Can't wait to hear more :0).

Safe travels,
Hugs too and Happy Sewing

Robin Haupt said...

I just needed to say you look fabulous in that purple print blouse. It is a great color and perfect style! You look mahhavlous daaahling...

grendelskin said...

What a terrific opportunity! Those are some serious pies, wow! Sounds like you're having a blast and I'm with Robin, it suits you.