Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome to Moscow!

I taught in a quilt shop in Moscow today.  It is one of the largest and brightest quilt shops I have ever been in -- and it is underground!

I caught my interpreter walking around the corner:

That was only one small part of the store.

I met some very talented quilters today.  We had a lot of fun together:

After work, I hung out with my new friend, Mr. Marx:

And Red Square?  Been there, done that.:

(translation:  Red Square)

My Russian is getting better (as in I know over 20 words now), but I still cannot read anything but "Restaurant" (PECTOPAH),  My translator told me what the above sign said.

All kidding aside -- is it OK to confess that I teared up when I walked into Red Square?  I have no emotional attachment to the place, but it was so beautiful and it was so incredible that I was actually there!  I am a simple gal from a humble home and never did I ever dream that going to Russia would be possible.  Florida, yes.  Paris, maybe.  Russia, no.  I am so incredibly grateful to be here.

I am staying in an amazingly gorgeous hotel.  I am in one of the smaller rooms here.  It is modest in size, but beautifully appointed.


Was I kidding?

And the bathroom:

Yeah, I just had to do that


Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Debby, I'm so happy You're having a great time! I grew up in a neighbor country and never dreamed of going to Russia :) I can say we disliked Russians since we had to learn their language for 8 years at school... It's funny to see someone else's dream coming true from the other part of the world. Strange, isn't it?

Kim said...

It really looks awesome!

Happy sewing and safe travels