Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Thought for this Winter

Yes, I live in New York.

Yes, it is winter.

Yes, it is supposed to snow in New York in the winter...

... but...


I have lived here for 25 years and am well-accustomed to New York winters.  This year, however, we've been cold (REALLY COLD) and we've had snow (A LOT OF SNOW).  We've had bad winters before (2003 and 1994 come immediately to mind, but there were others), and this is right up there.  I hated those winters, and I'm hating this one, too.  Our heating bills are going through the roof.  We're burning through our wood like it grows on ... wait... nevermind.  Small businesses are suffering. And the worst thing?  The very worst thing?  I had to cut my own hair because I couldn't make or keep a hair appointment since the new year.

And today?  MORE SNOW!!!

I'm so grateful that I don't shovel (a car accident wrecked my back for good), but I feel so sorry for my poor husband out there every day, shoveling.

This popped into my mind.  Substitute "Shovel" for "Make the Donuts"


Sharon said...

Maybe you could give your husband a small snow plow, it could be a belated Valentines Day gift? Then you wouldn't feel so guilty watching him shovel while you're inside. And of course, once he had the snow plow it wouldn't snow anymore :)

Slightly Off Quilter said...

She can't get him a plow ! Do you know how much fabric one of those cost ? !