Monday, February 24, 2014

This is all Pat Sloan's Fault!

Earlier this year, Pat Sloan posted a UFO tracking sheet.  I started filling it out and I have worked on 17 different projects so far in 2014.  Seventeen.  SEVENTEEN!!!  I vowed to stick to this list and finish those quilts before I started anything else.  Great plan, right?  I had a plan and was sticking to it ...


Pat Sloan posted this.  Another quilt along.  Quilt alongs are apparently my kryptonite; I am powerless against them.  Resistance was futile, so I pulled fabric from my stash and jumped right in.

When I teach at quilt shows and quilt shops, I try not to buy fabric, but it follows me home against my wishes.  I pulled out a few of these "just had to have" fabrics last night:

I cut all the fabric for the blocks and made one:

I started to pull fabric for the sashings and borders.  Choice one:

Meh.  The brown just sits there, dead.

How about this?

No, I don't like polka dots.  Why do you ask?

True Confession:  I have 18 projects on my UFO list right now.  Sigh.


PatSloan said...

totally awesome!!! I am thinking a certain new baby might love this.. wink!

Quilter Kathy said...

I am powerless also... it's a terrible affliction! LOL

Paula, the quilter said...

Too many polka dots. I would swap out a B&W polka dots with a B&W check or stripe. It would add a bit of excitement.