Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Gifted Quilt -- for Ruth

My family and my son's wife's family are rather close.  This confuses a lot of people until they realize that we go to church together and that the couple started "dating" in the 6th grade (first real date --  my daughter-in-law's 16th birthday).  We've known each other a long time and our families just blend together.

Last year, I pulled out a bunch of old UFOs and found one that just "looked" like my son's mother-in-law.  It was a block-of-the-month from the Quilt Basket from I don't remember when.  Maybe ten years ago?  My son's mother-in-law repainted her bedroom a little while ago and I knew that this quilt would be a perfect match. 

This was Ruth's Christmas present:

It felt like old times during the holidays when I ordered my two (now grown) children to bundle up, head onto the deck, and hold a quilt for a photo.  They grew up doing this and will never be too old for me to boss around!

I hope that Ruth loves this quilt forever.  I treasure our friendship and look forward to sharing grandchildren with her.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a lovely gift. The quilt is gorgeous!

Eileen said...

Gorgeous! My guess is that it's already on her bed. :)