Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014: Day 5

I flew to California a day early to avoid weather-related travel problems.  How should I spend my extra day in California?

What I hoped to do -- finish more hand sewing:

These were all finished on the airplanes yesterday.

What I did instead:

1.  Put on some sandals to appreciate the warm weather and walk to the convention center to find my classroom.  This went as planned until my shoe broke and I had to limp home:

2.  Appreciate the sunshine, blue sky, and palm trees:

3.  Eat my very first In-N-Out burger:

Will you hate me if I say it was just OK?  Several friends and relatives have asked me to hand-carry a burger home for them, but this first taste didn't inspire that type of desire in me.

4.  Spend the rest of the day (and evening) working:

People see me in class.  They do not see me when I am writing class descriptions, writing class handouts, making travel arrangements, working on show contracts, answering questions for show publicity interviews, and taking care of countless other details that are necessary to get me into the classroom.  That's what I have been doing for the second half of today.  That is what I will be doing tomorrow after the show, and the next night, and the next night.  BUT, there is a Starbucks (chai tea latte with soy) across the street from my hotel, so I'm up for it.

5.  Have dinner with another teacher.  It's always great to meet another teacher, someone I know by reputation and through Facebook, but not in person.

6.  Fall asleep watching Sherlock on  

I spent a great day in California!


Kim said...

30 degrees colder here today than yesterday without the snow :0).

Enjoy the sunshine,
Happy Sewing and teaching

Helen said...

Hi Debby

Sorry about your sandals. I am from New Zealand. I am curious about the in N Out burger. What is it? It looks too tiny next to the cup to be what we call a burger which is a meat pattie and salad in a round bread bun.

I am enjoying reading your blog which I recently discovered.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Umm, seeing that in-n-out burger plastic packaging, may I ask what were you expecting? :))) Sorry about the sandals... hope you had another comfy pair! And soy chai latte is my choice of starbucks, too! :))) Hope you enjoyed! You're probably home already, welcome back to arctic NY!

Bev said...

I live in CA and have had exactly ONE In-N-Out Burger! Never again! Just learned about your blog and, as I wish for a Sweet Sixteen, I hope to get to one of your classes/ woekshops. Seems like the best way to learn about the machine. Dealers just don't give enough try-out time!