Thursday, January 09, 2014

At Long Last!

I was supposed to fly to Utah on Tuesday.  Instead, I stayed at a totally "meh" airport hotel last night for an early departure this morning.

This is way too early to wake up:

I checked out of my hotel room and found something interesting on my car.  Ewwwww.

I parked in the off-site lot and eventually made it to the airport.  It's New York City, so of course I waited in line to drop off my bag, and then waited in line to go through TSA screening.  After that, I walked to Michigan to find my gate (really, it was that far).  I had just enough time to pick up a quick breakfast but not enough time to pick up a treat here:


I was excited to find out that I was first in line for an upgrade to first class.  I was less excited when there were no more first class seats available.  I suffered in economy class (shudder!).  I did some hand sewing on the airplane.  I did some sleeping on the plane.

I was very excited to find a few friends waiting for me at the airport here in Salt Lake City:

I was even more excited to get to the happiest place on earth:

Yes, it's snowing here but it is so much warmer than back home.

I was at work by noon.  YAY!  After work I finally checked into my hotel.  Several of my crazy friends are staying here.  Seven prime examples are below:

I was two days late, but I have found my people.  All is right with the world.

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