Friday, January 17, 2014

Love in a Box

Once upon a time, I had a dear high school friend who stood up for me at my wedding.

I entered the married-with-kids track and most of my friends entered the college-and-career-before-marriage-and-kids track.  I lost touch with a lot of those friends.  We never disagreed or disliked each other; life simply got in the way.

This all happened around the time that Mark Zuckerberg was being potty-trained.  My friends and I had to wait until Mark was old enough to found FaceBook so that we could reconnect.

This sweet found-again high school friend knew about my upcoming grandbaby through FaceBook and offered to send the stuffed animals I had made for her all of those years ago.

The box arrived while I was dealing with disrupted travel plans last week.  It remained sealed while I was suffering through artistic insecurity.  Now that the mental decks are clear, I finally (!) opened the box.

I re-met Mr. Brown Bear:

and Mr. Green Turtle:

There was another surprise in the bottom of the box:

Aztec Fire Tea!!!!!  This stuff is gold.  Gold.  GOLD.  G.O.L.D!!!!!

I am so grateful for my thoughtful found-again friend.  I'm now boiling water for tea.  Maybe she can come and join me for a cuppa?

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Eileen said...

You have reconnected with a great friend. I've found some the same way. Nice to have somebody with the same memories, isn't it?
What is Aztec Fire Tea?