Monday, January 13, 2014


After I finished hauling a truckload of boxes to ship them to Road to California, I continued unpacking from my trip to Utah last week.

Today I unpacked my travel purse.

When I am flying, I try to travel as efficiently as possible.  I wear a small purse to carry what I absolutely must have at hand in the airport and during the flight:

This is a Potato Chip Bag.  They were right, I couldn't make just one!  This pattern is very quick and easy to make.  This little purse has four pockets, perfect for stashing all of my necessary items for flight:

From top to bottom, left to right:
  1. Receipts and boarding passes -- The boarding passes own the back pocket for easy access.  The receipts are filed in an inside pocket for future expense reports and tax filings.
  2. Hampton Inn pen -- It's the only type of pen that I use.  I think I have a dozen of them.
  3. Eye drops -- My eyes always get so dry on an airplane!
  4. Hand cream -- So do my hands.
  5. Hand sanitizer -- Germs.  Ewwwwww.
  6. Lip balm -- I am a lip balm addict.
  7. iPhone charger -- When I am waiting for a flight and my phone battery is getting low, someone else can occupy the only available plug while I am rummaging through my backpack for the charger.  Now I can grab my cord in seconds and charge up my phone at the gate.
  8. Skull Candy earphones --  The only earbuds I use.  These are blue and white pinstripe.  I am not a NY Yankee fan (Go Pirates!), but these were on clearance and my last pair died.
  9. Wonder Wallet (matches the purse, of course) -- TSA agents have surprise rechecks at the gate.  My driver's license is now easily accessible rather than packed in my backpack.  I get through the line quickly.  I can also buy food without taking off my backpack.
  10. iPhone (not shown since I was taking the photo with it) -- My iPhone turns me into Gollum.  My Precious!

Now that I am home for a few days, I will use my new Hello Kitty handbag than my husband bought me for Christmas:

Polka dots!  Even though it isn't practical for travel days, isn't this the Best.  Bag.  Ever?!?!?!?!?

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