Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Travel gods Owed Me

This morning, I left my hotel before 5am in California.  I passed out on my flight to Phoenix.  I dozed a little on my flight to New Jersey.  My luggage arrived.  The lot attendants cleaned the snow from my car and started it for me.  I drove a warm car home in light traffic on snow-less roads.  This trip was the epitomy of uneventful.

Total elapsed time:  13 hours.  I am a happy, happy woman.

My last trip was a little.  more.  exciting.

My dear friend texted me when I landed, reminding me to eat before I left the airport -- just in case I had a major emergency on the way home... again.  She didn't say it had to be healthy or high-class:

I'm gonna have a cup of tea, jump in my jammies, and sleep for a week (or hopefully 8-9 hours).

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