Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hotel Room tour of 2014, Room #1

The life of a traveling quilt teacher is a glamorous one.  (If you believe that, I have some swampland to sell you...)

The life of a traveling quilt teacher is fun and exciting and rewarding and full of lovely students, but it is not glamorous.  Travel can be a nuisance, headache, or a full-blown nightmare, depending upon the day.

Today is Wednesday, January 8.  I am supposed to be in Salt Lake City, Utah with my Handi Quilter family, but I am not.  My flight was cancelled yesterday due to the extreme cold gripping most of the United States.  There were no flights today from JFK (NY), LaGuardia (NY), Newark (NJ), White Plains (NY), Newburgh (NY), Albany (NY), or Hartford (CT).  There was only one flight Thursday from the above airports that would get me to Utah by noon Thursday.  I have a ticket for that flight and my fingers are crossed.

I live about two hours away from JFK (without traffic) and my flight is first thing in the morning.  I would have to set my alarm for 1am to leave by 2am to arrive at the airport in time to park my car, check my luggage, and catch my flight.  Since waking up at 1am is not on my list of "fun things to do (well) after 40," I am at a hotel near JFK, hoping to fall asleep early and catch a few hours of sleep before heading out in this bitter cold to hopefully catch my flight in the morning.

Hotels in New York are expensive.  I tried to find an affordable room that was reasonably safe and clean.  I think I achieved that, but little else.

My home for tonight:

That is all there is to this room.  A bed and 2 feet of floor all around it.

It felt a little warm in this room.  I think I figured out why:

It's set for nearly 100*F more than the outside temperature.  I turned it down to a balmy 70*F so I can maybe breathe in here?

I am in for the night and plan to do some hand sewing.  I am working on a miniature Dresden Plate quilt using Daiwabo fabrics.  I bought this kit from Pinwheels a few years ago:

If you haven't checked out Pinwheels, definitely do!

The internet isn't very good in this hotel, so I can't stream a movie.  I am a seasoned traveler and have prepared for this.  I have a copy of Shrek in my bag, so he and I will spend some quality time together this evening while I do some hand sewing and hopefully drift off to sleep early.

Happy Quilting!


Linda Poole said...

I feel your pain, Glad you are near the airport with something to do and heat that works. Happy trails my friend. the sign over the bed..."Amateur night"...

LilKittie said...

Well, at least your bed looks pleasant. For my first stay in NYC I reserved at some kind of hostel, without even looking at pictures, just because it was cheap, and my bed could've easily been in some jail. From now on I always first look at he photos on and

0s0-Pa said...

If you are ever in need of a recommendation for hotels in NYC, I would recommend one by Grandlife hotels - they are quite nice. :)