Thursday, August 17, 2017

1000 Postcards for Peace: Zig Zag Coils

I am getting in the habit of making a postcard most days that I'm home.  I really enjoy playing with thread and small pieces of fabric.  I'm currently having a love affair with my walking foot on my HQ Stitch 710.  This is the last postcard I made before I left for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham:

My friend is going through a medical ordeal and I wanted to let her know that I love her and haven't forgotten about her.  She loves black and white and pink and polka dots.  I thought FabuLux Cloudy Skies and FabuLux In the Pinks were perfect for her and that this card represented some of her favorite things.

I started my love affair with the walking foot when I read Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt book (affiliate*).  I've never played much with my walking foot, but her book has inspired me to do so.  I love trying new things and these postcards give me a small, risk-free project for experimentation.

Have you tried making postcards?  I have kits of stabilizer and envelopes and also a Postcard Trimming Tool in my shop to help you on your journey.
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