Friday, August 11, 2017

Simple Pleasures -- Laundry

I have a guilty pleasure.  My guilty pleasure doesn't hurt anyone but most people think that it's weird.  I absolutely love to do laundry.  Seriously -- LOVE!

There are only two people living in my house but since I travel approximately 50% of the time, I still do a load of laundry each day that I'm home.  Super-hubby's clothes.  My clothes.  Sheets.  Towels.  I start each morning with a load of laundry and I actually look forward to it.

This is what greets me when I get home from a trip:

I use Soap Nuts  (affiliate link*) instead of laundry detergent for most loads.  It's natural, less expensive, and since my laundry room is next to my studio, I enjoy the earthy smell of the nuts all day long!

I let my soap nuts dry between each load.  Of course, I use my Hello Kitty china plate that I carried home from Tokyo last year for that task.  When I do a cold-water wash, I need to pre-soak the soap nuts in hot water; fortunately, I have a matching Hello Kitty china bowl for that!

On good weather days, I hang my laundry on the wash line on my deck.  On rainy days, I hang my laundry on a drying rack (affiliate link*) in my laundry room.  In the winter months, I place my drying rack in front of the woodstove for a quick dry with the lovely smell of woodsmoke.  On the rarest of occasions I use my tumble dryer, mostly for sheets and towels in the winter months.  As much as I love to do laundry, I absolutely DESPISE folding laundry from the dryer.  I have no idea why!

Yes, I travel all over the world (I'm in London when you are reading this) and get to do some amazing and exciting things, but when I get home it's all about the simple joys.
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Crystal_235 said...

I've never heard of soap nuts. My washer broke 2 weeks ago. As a family of 7 I do laundry everyday. So it's piling up. Tomorrow I'm making a trip to laundromat and washing at least 6 loads of clothes. Hopefully out washer gets fixed soon.

beefi8 said...

I'm struggling to understand how these soap nuts work. Do you just keep washing loads of laundry with them until they are all dissolved? Do you then add more soap nuts to the little muslin bag? I'm very interested in trying them. :)