Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MAIL CALL: Flag of England

I'm taking break from mailing Little Boy the alphabet postcards.  Instead, I'm mailing him a travel postcard!

I was at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last week so I sent Little Boy a postcard of the flag of England.

I guessed at the proportions of the flag, fused it to stabilizer and a backing, and then used my Postcard Trimming Tool to trim it accurately:

I wrote some information about England and the flag on the postcard, put it in its cellophane envelope, and arranged to have it mailed to Little Boy from my town while I was away:

I will resume the alphabet cards once I return home.

What else should I send as postcards to Little Boy?  Eventually I'll run out of the alphabet...


Kerry said...

Yayyyy great to see our flag - thank you. Now you'll have to do all the world flags! Ooh Wales has a dragon - that would be fun.

Thanks for bringing nice weather and leaving it here! And it was lovely to meet you. I hope you've recovered - it was very busy at the show. I still don't think I saw it all and kept going down the places that I'd already seen. Doh!

Best thing is I've shown my husband the longarm machine that you let me play on - and he thinks it's a good idea, especially with the smaller frame (last year he nearly died when I told him how much another longarm cost and that was a "NO WAY IN A MILLION YEARS!" I guess "over my dead body" may not have been the right thing to say while choking on his tea), so when we move house next year I'll have a proper sewing room and we'll be nearer the stockists so I'll have my Simply Sixteen! WOOT! Thank youuuuuuu!

Pamela Arbour said...

That was a great idea to make the flag of England. I guess you need to do the US flag now? After the alphabet, you could make an object for each letter. Like when you made the Rocket and an R. That should keep you busy for a while. I enjoy looking at your postcards but haven't made one yet.

Unknown said...

Numbers should be next... 1 with "One" next to it? I'm assuming the ABC's are to help him with his spelling....? Or a picture of an Apple or Ant for the letter A. he can match the photo with the letter..