Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On The Road: Paris

While I was in England a few weeks ago, Super-Hubby and I took a quick trip to Paris.  I've been to Paris a few times, but I've never left the airport so it hardly counts.  The goal of this trip was to have fun, but to not wear me out physically as many European trips can.  Super-Hubby booked a hotel a few blocks away from the Louvre since that was a must-see for us.  It was a risky choice of hotel, but the location and price were right.

We stayed at the Hotel Odyssey, a concept hotel based on Ora-Ito design concepts.  This hotel room made cruise ship cabins look large.  Seriously.  But it was PERFECT!

There are only 29 rooms in this hotel, and "they decline 29 tones of the chromatic scale" which means they were each different vibrant colors.  Our room was purplish.

Walking in the room, my first thought was "Where is the toilet???"

I seriously had to look for it.  It wasn't at the foot of the bed:

It wasn't behind the bed:

Was it in the hallway?

Running out of places to look, I opened the closet behind the door.  There it was!

This bathroom made airplane bathrooms feel spacious.  I have enough hours in the air to state that with complete authority.

Do you doubt me?

The hallway was teeny-tiny, too.  Every time we were in the hallway, we prayed we wouldn't pass any of our neighbors:

The website doesn't hide the smallness of the rooms.  It states "The very functional space is structured around very few things; everything is at arm's length."  They were completely not kidding, and it completely worked!  Everything was small and it was comfortable.  

I have stayed at luxurious hotels, scary hotels, homeless hotel (NOT PLURAL), and many others, but this was the oddest hotel I've ever stayed at and it made Paris even more memorable for us.

Do you have a weird hotel experience like this that ended up being perfectly lovely?

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