Saturday, August 19, 2017

On the Road: Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK

Follow along on my trip to Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK.

This show was completely busy, as in "no time for restroom breaks or lunch" busy.  I saw very few quilts but I saw thousands upon thousands of quilters, so it evens out.

One of the quilts that I saw was MY quilt:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe thinks that it is her quilt but I quilted this quilt for her and it's my blog, so its my quilt!  Our quilt has traveled the world and been published in this book (affiliate link*).

I was tickled to meet up with my best friend:

Most shows have a theme.  The theme of this show, for me at least, was chocolate.

Pete from Pinhole Quilting brought me chocolates to inspire my devotion and encourage hard work in his stand at the show:

My sister (we think?), Susan Brown, brought me some chocolate, too:

The fabulous Lynda Jackson brought me chocolates as well.  If we look manic, it's because we were running at light speed between the Handi Quilter longarm machines helping all of the quilters:

Since there was no time for lunch, my personal assistant (boss) brought me Dr. Pepper to keep me going:

Yes, I'm horrible at taking selfies.  I'll likely never improve.

I was thrilled to meet with my friend Janet Clare:

Although not shown in the photo, Janet also gave me chocolate and told me that I had to look up the commercial for this treat.

Those are all of the photos I had time to take at the festival.  It was exciting and lovely and I hope
to return here another year!

Stay tuned, though, because my trip didn't end with the Festival of Quilts.  More later!
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Hello Kitty!!!!
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