Wednesday, August 02, 2017

I Drove the Cah Up Apiece to Maine, Ayuh I Did

Last week I worked for Sanford Sewing Machines at Maine Quilts in Augusta, ME.  If you weren't there, you missed a great time!

What wasn't a great time was the drive.  To get from New York to Maine, I drive through Waterbury CT, Hartford CT, around Boston MA, the road to Cape Cod, and through wicked Maine vacation traffic.  Good times!  Bumper to bumper cars EVERYWHERE!

I broke up the drive by stopping at a few quilt shops.

Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing:

Charlton Sewing Center:

As soon as I arrive at the hotel, my hotel room was transformed into a sewing room featuring my HQ Stitch 210 machine:

I finished two quilt tops.

Fenced In:

Squared Away:

And I started another Squared Away featuring Jillily's Coming Up Roses fabric:

The sewing wasn't limited to the hotel room.  There was some stitching going on in the Handi Quilter booth:

I quilted a little bit, too.

A pygmy owl:

I stitched out some ribbon candy using the Pro-Stitcher.  SWOON!

I got to experience a little rain in Maine.  This is about six inches of water draining from the parking lot, right where my car was parked.

Good thing I can swim!

Maine has some food that isn't available in the rest of the country.

First I tried Moxie:

I brought home a few bottles of Moxie, in case you are desperate to try it.*

I enjoyed fresh Lobster Roll and a Whoopie Pie:

After the quilt show, I got to enjoy more wicked traffic:

I am going to Maine again on September 12-13 to teach at Sanford Sewing Machines.  Will I see you there?
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Vireya said...

Your comments about Moxie were interesting. I've never tried it, but your reaction was a bit like mine the first (and only) time I tried Dr Pepper! Let's just say I didn't find it very palatable.

Barb Johnson said...

And did you try the lobstah chowdah? Wicked good!