Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Summer's End

I'm on a "low-volume" kick and re-creating all of my Cutie Patterns in low-volume fabrics.  I'm really pleased with how Summer's End turned out:

I started piecing this quilt when I taught my Summer's End class at my local quilt guild:

Even though I started it this spring, it looks vintage with all of the traditional cross-hatching and feathering:

Do you like feathers?  I teach feathers in one of my Craftsy classes (50% discount in LINK):

I have no idea where this quilt will find its forever home, but I think I'm going to enjoy keeping it as a sample until then.


Pamela Arbour said...

That turned out very nice. You should be proud of it. That was a lot of quilting too. I think the fabrics do the pattern's name well.

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting.