Thursday, August 10, 2017

MAIL CALL: The Letter "K"

I have an admission to make:  I am a postcard-a-holic.  I started making postcards for a special Little Man and then started making Postcards for Peace, but now I want to experiment with new quilting techniques and make postcards in every spare moment!

I just finished this "K"

I started this project by rummaging through my scrap basket and diagonally piecing a  6 1/2" string block.  Then I fused a K to the front and threaded my HQ Stitch 710 with FabuLux Neon Lime thread and started stitching the letter down:

The knee lift on my HQ Stitch 710 gets quite a workout when I applique around all of these curves!

I take a few stitches, turn the fabric slightly, take a few more stitches, etc.

Once I finished stitching and fused the block to stabilizer and a backing, it was time to trim the postcards using my new Postcard Trimming Tool:

I will admit that some of my previous postcards for Little Man aren't completely centered.  This new tool helps:

My postcard is a perfect 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" now:

I stitched the edge of the postcard using FabuLux Neon Lime and DecoBob 80 weight thread for the bobbin:

The postcard is finished, in the envelope, and ready to delight a Little Man!

I'm partially through the alphabet and still have to stitch numbers.  I'm already in mourning for the day that I'm out of cards to make and send.

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Lisa said...

Maybe you can send him letters from a different language (Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, etc.). Or send him pictures of other things that he can spell out using the letters you already sent. Might be fun!