Monday, August 14, 2017

Batting Joining Tutorial

I experiment with many quilting techniques when I make my Postcards for Peace.  Since these are experiments, I use mostly fabric scraps.  This way I'm willing to take risks without worrying about 'ruining' good fabric.

When I'm adding machine quilting texture to my postcards, I use a thin batting, typically Quilter's Dream Angel (affiliate link).  I have an abundance of scraps of this flame retardant batting since I am making many, Many, MANY baby quilts during this season of my life.

I trim the batting with a straight edge and stitch it together on my HQ Stitch 710 machine.

To keep the seam from showing through the project, I use WonderFil DecoBob thread in both top and bobbin.

This is an 80-weight polyester thread.  It's strong but thin and doesn't make the seam bulky.

I've tried many different stitches, but I currently use a triple-stitch zig-zag stitch to join the batting pieces.

I prefer a 7mm stitch width and a 1mm stitch length.

As a decades-long machine quilter, I have never been a fan of an automatic thread cutter.  Well, my beloved HQ Stitch 710 machine came with this feature.  I tried it for when I join strips of batting and Oh. My. Heck.  How I love this!

I will still not use it for machine quilting, but it's great for piecing batting.

Once the batting is pieced and cut to a sized that fits my postcard project, I layer it with the top fabric.

I then machine quilt without any backing since this piece will be trimmed and fused to postcard stabilizer, edge-stitched, and then sent out into the world with love.

Do you think about the cost of your supplies when you are experimenting?  Will using scraps make you more willing to take risks?

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