Friday, October 24, 2014

Commitment Issues

I often hear that so-and-so "lacks commitment" or has "commitment issues."

While I don't lack commitment, I certainly have commitment issues.

Once I read a book or start watching a TV series on Netflix, I am totally committed.  This month's commitment issue is:

I just finished watching 9 seasons on Netflix, and then logged into Hulu (free!) for the first four episodes of season 10.  SCORE!

I watch (listen) to these shows while I am quilting.  I've been quilting a lot lately (Hello?  Houston?) and still have a bit more to do.

Now I am a commited girl looking for a new series to commit to!  What series shall I watch next?  I like inane crime dramas and despise comedies.


Patty Young said...

The this show
Stalker (new)
Revenge....soap but fun
Good Wife

Bett Herndon said...

The new show Forever is good and How to commit a Murder is fantastic.

Sue Halter said...

Debby, will you be in a booth during Festival in Houston? I'd love to meet you and say a quick hello. I'll be there Wed night, Thursday & Friday.

Sue Halter

Eileen said...

Orange is the New Black
Law and Order SVU

Bett Herndon said...

It helps if I get the name of the show correct: How to get away with murder.

Linda@Creekside said...

I'm with you, Debby. Once I start on a book, I'm all about finishing it.

Unless, of course, it lulls me to sleep.

Then? I'm done ...

Gail said...

If you have Starz, Outlander.
If you don't have Starz, go for the books. Eight in the series.

The Calico Cat said...

I don't watch network TV (& subsequently find me series on Youtube or DVDs) but I have a strong preference for the stuff that is sown on PBS, BBC, & ITV.

I'd love to find Silent Witness on American DVD...

cons_quilts said...

i just finished watching 6 episodes of orphan black. it a good one.