Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 115

I am visiting family this weekend.  We are just hanging out and I am doing some hand stiching.  I overpacked and brought nine different projects.

1.  I brought placemats to bind:

I finished them and am leaving them with Mom.

2.  I resurrected an old hand applique project:

I want to keep working on this until it is done.

3.  I found a bunch of old cross-stitch projects and pulled one out to work on:

This was actually fun!  I don't think that I will live long enough to finish all of the cross stitch kits in my sewing room, but maybe I can finish this one someday?

4.  I couched on three tablerunners and then decided that I didn't really like the yarn I chose.  Time for a hot date with Pierce, my seam ripper:

I un-couched three tablerunners that have been waiting for some attention since May I think?  I'm not sure how I'l finish them, but they are now ready to go.

5.  I pulled out another applique project:

This one is from April 2014, at least.  Not too old.

6.  I started a new project:

This is Quartet by Pinwheels using Daiwabo threads.  SWOON!

7.  I am working on a project I started with the lovely and talented Ms. Pepper Cory at a class in March 2014:

8.  I fell in love with this big hexi pattern:

I think I might finish this as a tablerunner, just to be done with it.

9.  My family loves hand-knit dishcloths:

I have cones and cones of cotton, so I try to knit up a few of these whenever the begging becomes too loud.  "Debby, I'm on my last dishcloth.  Could you possibly knit some more for me?"

I only finished the placemats and the un-couching, but I did manage to stitch on every single project I brought, if only to not feel like I ridiculously overpacked for a three-day trip.

The good news is that these projects are all prepped and ready to go. I will pick a few (less than nine) to bring to Houston with me.  I know that I'm usually dead on my feet when I hit the hotel room at the end of the day, but I am incapable of traveling without at least a little hand sewing, y'know, just in case...


Maartje Quilt said...

Have a good time in Houston with all your projects!

Mary said...

At least I know I'm not alone having a collection of unfinished projects. Having them prepped and ready to go is a great start.

JanetMy08 said...

Wow, you are a busy little beaver with all your projects. Such a broad variety of crafts to boot.
Your finishing up projects have inspired me. I've done 2 baby quilt tops, worked on a seat cover project and actually did some un-cluttering here and threw things away. Not many, but it's a start. Today, it's back to the long arm to get that quilt off the frame.