Friday, October 10, 2014

Spreading the Love

Cleaning out my house is a slow process.  I'm picking one item at a time and sharing it.

Yesterday, I got to share some fabric with a young quilter.  I remember when I started quilting and went into shock at the price of fabric and other quilting supplies.  

Now, I am blessed to have fabric.  A lot of fabric.  Too much fabric!  It was my pleasure to pull some together and sponsor a young quilter with a quilt kit:

The red and pink fabrics were all leftover from other projects, the white fabric was cut from one of my bolts of neutral fabrics, the pattern is one of my designs, and the thread was an extra spool I had sitting around.  

I hope my dear young quilter friend enjoys her quilt kit!

Do you know a young quilter you could help along on his/her quilting journey?  Do you have any extra supplies that could benefit them?

1 comment:

Machelle said...

What a thoughtful Idea! I am going to pull some things from my stash and do this! thank you for sharing