Saturday, October 18, 2014

Organizing -- Day 9

If you read my blog, you already know that I travel a great deal.  Tonight is my 114th night away from home in 2014, and there will be many more nights away before the year ends.

Since I love to sew and my life involves a great deal of travel, it's best to be prepared to stitch on the road.  Over time, I put together this kit for myself:

I purchased the zipper pouch at my local quilt shop many years ago.  Recently, I filled it with all 60 shades of InvisiFil thread from WonderFil.  It is a 100-weight polyester thread.  I have large cones of this thread and could probably have wound small bobbins of each color to pack, but these spools are easier to see in the case, prettier, and oh heck I just wanted them.  Happy birthday to me! 

Now I can tote around my hand applique and always find the right shade of thread at a glance.  Lovely turqouise:

And a passionate purple:

I prepped all of my applique before I left home.  I can now simply grab one bag and head out the door.

This scrap quilt based on a simple flower template that I drafted.  I started this years and years and years ago.  It is time to finish it and get it out of my sewing room.  This may take a few months, but I am committed to finishing this instead of packing it away to sit for another several years.

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Jacqueline said...

Would love to see more of the quilt. Your thread is wonderful....