Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Possible Solution?

I was forced to buy a new cell phone yesterday.  That was difficult for me because I am not one to easily embrace new technology.  While I was moaning and wailing and re-installing apps and typing in new passwords and re-"favoriting" people in my contact list, I though back to rotary phones.  Rotary phones never broke, but if they did, it didn't take hours to get the new one to work.  It was plug in and use.  I wish new technology worked that easily.

I was mentioning this (complaining, actually) to my husband at dinner and he offered me a way to make my phone more like the old ones:

Smarty pants.


Jacqueline said...


Big Rig John said...

where is the rotary dial???

Sharon said...

LOL I love it

A Nudge said...

Where did he get that attachment? I could use that.