Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 26

Greetings from Dubai!

I've posted pics of the bed, the sitting area, and the washroom. It's time to show you this hotel's FOOD!

This is the buffet area for breakfast and lunch.

They serve a mixture of food from all over the region.  It is an interesting mix and I hope to have sampled it all before I fly home.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon we are served tea:

There are other goodies on the tea table -- fruit, cakes, sandwiches.  Tell me again why we don't serve tea twice daily in the States?

That was the food I ate at the hotel.  I had a great meal out tonight.  I ordered:

Zaater & Cheese.  It was served looking like this:

And it tasted like a party in my mouth.  Melted cheese + spices = mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

My dinner hosts insisted that I try a sweet, so I obliged.  You know how much I *hate* chocolate (wink):

It wasn't chocolate cake with layers and frosting, but it was pretty delightful nonetheless.

I stopped at a few other food places for photos, not food.  Do these look familiar?

Good night from Dubai.  More pictures tomorrow!


Jackie said...

I used to live in the UAE for 10 years (Abu Dhabi) and can remember when the first McDonald's opened. People were lined up down the whole block and waited for a hour to get in, it was so exciting back then. Thanks for the pics it brings back memories.

Kim said...

So interesting!
Safe travels Dear Friend