Thursday, March 20, 2014

True Love

Yesterday I spent the day with one of my quilting heroes, the fabulous Pepper Cory.

She was teaching at my guild and my calendar was clear, so...

In the morning she taught us how to hand piece a pineapple block on a foundation:

Maybe I'll finish it on one of my ridiculously long plane rides in the next few weeks?

In the afternoon, she taught us how to hand piece a folded log cabin block on a foundation:

I finished this one in class and hope to make a few more blocks and turn this into a cushion.

In the evening, Pepper taught us about the Art of Real Scrap Quilting:

My guild can be a chatty group, but you could have heard a pin drop while Pepper was speaking.  She had us all enthralled!

I first met Pepper when we taught at the Vermont Quilt Festival and ended up sharing a room.  We wave and hug whenever we are teaching at the same shows.

Last October in Houston, we took a minute and got our photo taken together:

It was Halloween and I'm wearing cat ears (Hello Kitty!).  Don't judge me.

If you get a chance to take a class with Pepper, just DO IT!  If you are in charge of booking a speaker/teacher for your guild, I highly recommend the fabulous Pepper Cory.

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