Friday, March 28, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 27

I am enjoying the Inernational Quilt Festival of Dubai!  I am busy teaching and am not seeing much outside of the venue.  I spent my few spare minutes today snapping pictures of some of the beautiful touches all around me.

The floor in front of the elevators was striking:

And so was the floor inside the elevator:

The lobby floor, as seen from above:

The carpeting in a long hallway:

A close-up of the corner:

One of my favorite chairs:

My bed had some intricate woodwork all around the headboard:

And more elegance at the bottom of my dresser drawers:

My closet was gorgeous:

My hotel door was even pretty:

A close-up of the wood inlay:

Today, Friday, was their day off work, so the vacant lot next to the hotel was a playground!

I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my hotel in Dubai.


Evelyn Wondracek said...

Thanks for the tour Debby. Love seeing how it is in Dubai. Enjoy your stay and keep coming with the pictures. Ev

Kim said...

Who had the day off? The hotel workers?

Looks like a beautiful hotel and room, but we all know there is no place like home. We are so happy to be back home!

Safe travels

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I wish that some of our hotels looked as nice as that! I always love reading your posts about the various hotels you get to stay in. ;) -Brittany

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

So gorgeous! They know how to make the tired tourists make comfortable! Such gorgeous photos Debby!