Saturday, March 08, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 17

This hotel is testing my intelligence.  First it was the four attempts to turn on the shower.  Then I had to search for the hair dryer.

Sometimes the hair dryer is attached to the wall above the plug:


Sometimes the hair dryer is on the bathroom counter:


OK, one more place to look -- under the bathroom counter:


I will admit that I was getting nervous at this point.  I do not venture into public uncoiffed, so I kept looking. 

Eventually, I looked above the coat rack:


Wait.  What's that way at the back?

The hair dryer!!!

I love a hotel that comes with a complimentary scavenger hunt!

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Anonymous said...

So funny! I would have never looked in the closet. (haha) I'm glad that you finally found it after quite a scavenger hunt around the hotel room. :) -Brittany