Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 24

WARNING:  This post may contain Too Much Information.  Turn away now if you don't want to learn about what I found so very fascinating today.

My first full day in Dubai was lovely.  It's 80*F and sunny and delightful.  I think it's snowing at home.  I enjoy taunting my husband with photos of me in the sunshine, playing in the desert while he is getting ready to shovel snow.  Good thing he likes me, right?

Since this is a post about my hotel room, I wanted to show you the beautiful hotel washroom:

I am a simple girl from suburban America.  This hotel bathroom was a bit different that bathrooms back in the States.  I was impressed with the difference, but then I visited the toilet while on a desert safari and became seriously impressed with the difference:

Notice the hose?  And no toilet paper?  Yeah, I noticed that too.

To redeem this post and move the ratio of potty pictures vs. non-potty pictures from 2:0 to 2:1, I want to share this photo of a camel.

Camels are very, very tall and they live in the desert.

Just a few things I learned today.

I start teaching longarm quilting classes in the morning.  Maybe I will be able to post pictures that don't have potties in them?


Laurie Tigner said...

best blog post I have seen in a while....very "different"!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time....and take more camel pictures....I love camels..... :)

Becky said...

Funny. At least you have toilets--and not just a hole in the ground!

(I was in a bus terminal on Crete in Greece, and that's what they had...:( )

How many are in your long arm classes? Is quilting popular in Dubai? Do the ladies (I'm assuming) speak English? Do you have to dress a certain way (i.e. head scarves, etc) when in public or when teaching?

I live in Poland (I am American, tho') and have visited Egypt multiple times, Turkey 2x, Tunisia 1x, Israel 2x, etc but not Dubai, though it is a popular tourist destination and getting more popular all the time for Polish people. Am delighted that you are posting what's around you--thanks so much!

Kim said...

Alrighty then......so start eating with your right and hand doing "everything" else with the left.

No using the "S" word while I am in NYC!

Safe travel

The Calico Cat said...

1. I can't believe your husband didn't join you in Dubai! (I can see staying home when you are in Virginia.)

2. Isn't that TP between the fixtures?

3. Ditto the hole in the ground comment. I saw one of those in Australia. (Luckily they also had the type of facilities that I prefer.)

4. How many fixtures are in that restroom? 3? (I've seen a bidet before, but the 3rd has me scratching my head.)

5. No TP, ugh.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Very nice hotel bathroom. And who knows, maybe they want to save paper in the desert since they have plenty of water, right? Right! :))