Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dubai: First Impressions

I've been in Dubai for less than 24 hours, but my friends are relentless with the "How's it going? Send pictures" emails.

My love for Dubai started when I realized that I didn't need a visa to travel here.  That's huge!  Dubai doesn't require customs forms, either, but I didn't realize that until I got here.  No customs forms?  Huge-er than no visa!

As soon as my plane landed in Dubai, Akbari met me at the gate holding a "MR DEBBY BROWN" sign.  I introduced myself and she took a minute to process that I was not a "MR" but was still me.  She walked me through the airport, took me through the fast lane at passport control (yes!), arranged for a porter to carry my luggage, and took me to where the hotel driver was supposed to meet me.  He was a no-show so I ended up taking a taxi to the hotel:  a pink taxi, because I'm a girl.  It was the prettiest, cleanest and nicest-smelling taxi ever.

I slept really well in my bed-that-was-far-superior-to-an-airplane-seat and woke up to this view from my hotel window:

This was my hairdryer:

I've used one like this before and it's not my favorite, but I didn't think my little pink Hello Kitty hairdryer could handle 220 volts.

I am fascinated with my collection of outlet adapters.  I have plugs for Russia and plugs for Australia, and I had to buy new ones for this trip.  They are very big and chunky:

I helped set up the Handi Quilter classroom this morning and will spend my afternoon touring, so expect more photos soon.


Eileen said...

Enjoy yourself-that's the main thing. I just want to know one thing-how warm is it? We'll have to feel it vicariously through you while we watch the snow come down tonight and tomorrow

kim hyde said...

so jealous - always wanted to go there. have fun in the markets!! I bet you will have to eat chocolate quickly there so it does not melt. hope to hear more fun adventures there.

Maureen said...

I was there in 2007, and it is beautiful. Go to the souks for your gold jewelry.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Awww, what a view! Enjoy your stay and have fun! :) Mr... :))))