Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dubai: The Adventure Begins

I braved NY/NJ traffic and am waiting for my first flight of the day. Travel is always fun and interesting and I always learn new things. 

I have no idea how my blog app will place my photos so use your imagination as you read the captions

I park at The Parking Spot because their signs are impossible to miss. Yes, that is a good enough reason. 

I am always impressed by innovation in the restroom. A faucet & hand dryer combo:

The soap dispenser was across the room, but I'm certain that is in the next model. 

Airport food is never a bargain but in the NY metro area, it's even higher. So high, in fact, that they post these signs at the checkouts:

I doubt I'll get a first class bump today but at least I board in zone 1. It's a small thing but it helps. 

Stay tuned ...

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